Q. What is Pandanite (PDN)?

Pandanite is a layer-1 cryptocurrency and blockchain with fast transactions.

Q. Where to buy Pandanite (PDN)?

Currently you can buy Pandanite (PDN) on three exchanges:

Q. Can I connect Pandanite to metamask/pancake swap?

Pandanite is not compatible with metamask or any other ethereum based services yet.

Q. Is Pandanite (PDN) a fork of Bitcoin or any other coin?

No, Pandanite is developed from scratch and uses its unique algorithm. 100 million coins in 6k lines of codebase written from scratch in C++. It can be called first of its kind and first crypto to implement Pufferfish2 algo for to secure a POW network.

Q. Is Pandanite a token?

No, it has its own mainnet and own chain secured by Proof of Work (POW) just like Bitcoin.

Q. Is PDN infinite?

No. It is hard capped at 100 million coins, meaning only 100 million PDN will ever exists. So it is similar to Bitcoin and can be a strore of value later on.

Q. Where is the GitHub?


Q. Can I mine Pandanite with a GPU?


Q. Can I mine Pandanite with a CPU?


Q. Can ASICs mine PDN?

No. It is ASIC resistant thanks to the Pufferfish2 algorithm.

Q. Which miners can I use?

Decryped Miner: CPU


WildRig Miner with Nvidia support: CPU&GPU

Q. Is there a halving meachanism in PDN?

There is something like that, but it is called “twothirding” instead and it is different from halving:

  • 50 PDN per block until block 666666
  • 50(2/3) PDN per block from blocks 666667 to 2666666
  • 50(2/3)^2 PDN per block from blocks 266666+1 to 3*666666 etc.

Q. Can I mine it with a smartphone or other mobile device such as a TV box or iPad?

Absolutely, you can mine PDN with a web browser on Shifu Pool. The development is still in alpha stage though, but but you are welcome to participate. https://shifu.mrpandabear.org/ with 0% FEE!

Q. Why would I mine on a smartphone if there is a GPU miner available. Any hardware benchmarks?

Taking into consideration electric cost hash per watt could be reasonable, here is mining benchmarks:


Q. What is the smallest unit of PDN? What does LEAF mean?

It is a relic from when PDN was called Bamboo. Bamboo plant has small leaves, so a leaf is a small measure unit for a PDN coin. 1 LEAF = 0,0001 PDN

Or it can be called pandtoshi just like satoshi in case of BTC.

Q. When will PDN be listed on coin aggregate sites such as CMC, CoinGecko, CoinPaprika?

We are actively striving towards the goal to be listed on these sites. As a matter of fact PDN is already tracked by CoinPaprika and other sites:

Q. Do you have a roadmap?

Yes, we do. It’s available on our Whitepaper you can dowload it from our GitHub:


Q. When Smart Contracts?

Because the custom lightweight C++ code it is hard to implement something like that without heavy modification.

Q. When Smart Nodes?

Same as before its not that easy to switch to POS or a hybrid method of POW/POS and we like PDN to be decentralized and secured by POW.

Q. Is the team Finnish?

The team is international, we have more than 600 community members from all around the globe.

Q. How do I know if the node port is open?

Test if port 3000 is open on your machine, for example https://www.yougetsignal.com/tools/open-ports/ If port is not open make sure you open it in the admin panel if you are renting VPS or in your router if you are running your node at home, also add appropriate firewall rules.

Q. Why aren’t there any marketing campaigns?

We will try to run promotion campaigns, but it is a community coin so we don’t have huge coffers and there is a lot of competition. We didn’t have an ICO or fund raising/huge pre-mine to support an aggressive advertisement campaign. Bear market is making things even harder, so we prefer to build up slowly and we are happy for any steady organic growth. We plan to get listed on other exchanges to attract a bigger audience for PDN.

Q. My antivirus scanner says wallet and miner executables contain lots of viruses and trojan horses, why is that?

Usually antivirus software companies mark mining executables as viruses because some people use computers for mining without the computer owner’s consent, that kind of behavior is against ToS or even illegal in case of botnets. If you are the owner of the computer used for mining it’s just a false positive alert, add it to exceptions. But make sure you download only from the official website or github repository and verify the hash of the file.

Q. I have many years of experience in blockchain development. Can I join the team?

Why not? Join our Discord Server and you will be screened by our dev(s):

  • [https://discord.com/invite/crfkWjxYyT](https://](https://discord.com/invite/crfkWjxYyT)

  • We are happy to recruit C++ dev(s) mainly but we are open minded.

Managing PDN nodes.

  • Setting up a node on Windows…
  • Windows is not currently supported as a build environment!!!

Setting up a node on Linux/Ubuntu/MAC etc…

  • [https://github.com/pandanite-crypto/pandanite#getting-started](https://

Setting up Pandanite wallet

PDN electron wallet https://github.com/pandanite-crypto/pandanite-wallet

Is it possible to mine PDN on Pools other than Shifu Pool?

Yes! Check this list:

Compiling from source code:

Troubleshooting common problems:

Mining payment not arriving: ping pool operators on discord.

Can’t mine with Decrypted miner with GPU: ofc because its CPU only.

How to use HiveOS? https://github.com/pandanite-crypto/pandanite-hiveos

I have old client build from BMB times: no problem you need publicKey/privateKey/wallet address and format it like then f10 wallet can read it: { “privateKey”: “XXXXXX”, “publicKey”: “XXXXXX”, “wallet”: “XXXXXX” }

Old wallet: https://github.com/f10crypto/bamboowallet/releases

Q. How to keep an android phone from screen locking:


If it didn’t help, you can acquire “developer’s mode” by tapping several times on firmware version of your phone and then try enabling “Always on while charging” option in developer’s options